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Frequently asked questions

Deciding to hire a wedding planner is always a big decision for brides. You want to make sure you spend your budgeted dollars wisely. Will a wedding planner even be affordable for you? Relax Event Design is the answer to your question.

Why Hire a Planner?
Successful weddings are no accident. They are the result of months of careful planning and attention to every detail by a professional who knows the industry and the little-known "insider secrets" to planning the perfect wedding.

Why can't I plan the whole thing by myself?
Planning a wedding can take hundreds of hours. When you first start planning, it doesn't seem like it will be that hard. But as you start to really look at what needs to be done, reality will set in

Can I afford an event planner?
An event planner is part of your budget, not an extra expense. In fact, you often save money because a planner suggests less expensive alternatives that still enhance your function. Event Planners often can obtain discounts from suppliers, and most importantly, will work with you to make your dream a reality by including their fee within your budget.
Relax... let holly plan it for you
Why can't I plan the whole thing myself?
You can plan your event yourself, and you will probably find that it is fun in the beginning, but soon it becomes quite hectic. Looking for vendors and rentals can be tedious, but even more painstaking is worrying about all the final details on the day of the event while you should be acting as the host. Also, you will always question whether or not your vendor is giving you the best deal and whether everything will turn out right. A professional event planner will know how to make it all work so you can spend time relaxing and being with your loved ones.

Do I need an event planner?
Often times brides have been told they do not need to hire a wedding planner; maybe the venue has their own coordinator or a family member or friend tells you they can handle it. Consider this perspective.... Will the venue assist you with plans or vendors outside of the facility? Will they offer you reduced food and beverage minimums and other perks without being asked? Will they be focused soley on your wedding or are they handling multiple events on the same day?

What about Aunt Suzy, Mom, or BFF Stephanie being "in charge" at your wedding... What would they do if the cake collapses or the minister does not arrive or the electricity goes out? They will run straight to you completely distressed! Who needs that kind of stress on their wedding day?!

An expert wedding planner will help save you time, stress and money and ensure that the vision you have for your picture perfect day comes to life. With years of experience, we understand how crucial attention to detail is, as well as complete and thorough follow through. It's a day you will always remember, and those memories should be filled with joy, love, and laughter.

Only time will tell how essential an event planner is. Instead of spending countless hours researching vendors, locations and rentals, you could be relaxing or spending time with those you love. Many times when people get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of planning an event, they forget the real reason they began doing it-to celebrate and have fun. So to make everything more enjoyable, an event planner can prove to be beneficial so that on your special day you won't be worrying about the last minute details-that's our job!

Owner Holly started this company out of passion and drive, but most of all it was her love of design and bringing ideas to life. She has over ten years of event planning experience. She has worked in all areas of the event planning business and can handle any vent, large or small, while making it unforgettable.